I am blessed with an ability to communicate with animals and to share it with those who are believers.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kitty Angel

Kitty Angel

I am still learning from my Animal Communications. This is true from one of my latest phone sessions. It was with a client Surita, whose cat had passed and she wished to get in touch with her cat Kitty. I made the connection with Kitty fairly easy. I talked with Surita about what Kitty was like in their 18years together. How much love they had for each other and how her passing was a lesson inbeing able to let go.  
    As I connected more with Kitty a woman come through, it was the client’s grandmother. The cat was sitting on her grandmother’s lap. (in the astral word) The client insisted that can’t be right, my grandmother does not like cats. I described the woman and it was confirmed that yes it was her grandmother coming through and yes it was her cat, and yes Kitty was on her lap with her eyes as blue as the sea and her coat was glowing with light. In further communicating with Kitty I come to find that this cat is a teacher/healer in the after life. She often comes to visit Surita and even gives pointers to the new companion cat Bunny in the house hold. Kitty has helped Surita’s grandmother become more open to animals and now she has an understanding of why people have pets. She has an open heart to animals and understands their importance and enjoys their companionship.
 Surita was happy to find the cat was continuing helping others as she did while she was alive. She also found comfort in knowing Kitty was with her grandmother and now her grandmother can enjoy her special friend Kitty’s companionship. Surita said She is like a little angel cat, I said Yes a Kitty Angel she truly is.

Thank you Karen for helping me connect with Kitty. You told me things that I had only shared with Kitty so it was nice to know you have such a great connection. Our session helped to start healing my heart from the loss of her. I will definitely be calling again and recommend anyone needing help with a loved animal to reach out to you.
Thank you,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transformation into the Astral World


There have been several times that I received an e-mail or phone call from someone whose pet just passed. They are distraught and seeking reassurance and understanding of what has happened to their beloved.
I have found that immediate communications after the passing of an animal to be a little difficult at times. I have seen that the spirit goes into a level or realm of total peace, or recovery before it is lifted into the astral plane where I am able to see and communicate fully with it. In this state of peace, or “recovery” I have found what looks like orbs of all shapes and colors. These I believe to be spirits of the souls that have passed. The light in this plane has a feeling of pureness I can not explain. It is a healing light, one that I wanted to stay in and absorb.  Also, in this recovery plane there is a humming sound, one that is continuous and has a very low vibration. It is a place of peace and recovery before they continue on into other astral worlds.


One animal I made a connection like this was with a cat named Bianca. Her owner Joanna contacted me soon after Bianca had passed so when I first made the connection, Bianca’s soul was still I this recovery plane. There were hundreds of orbs of light in this holding place of healing, love and peace. I did not want to leave.
Telling Joanna of this plane left her feeling a little disappointed. Joanna wanted to know if Bianca was okay and if she knew how much she loved her.
I was lost in the beautiful light of the orbs and wonderful feelings emanating from that plane. I was having a hard time explaining it to Joanna.
I told her it was a place for souls to rest before going into the astral world to continue their work. I suggested that we try connecting with Bianca again in the near future, but for now to let her be at peace in this resting place. I reassured Joanna that Bianca was in a state of pureness and recovery of light and love.
Joanna tried to understand this but was still upset that we could not communicate with Bianca like she had hoped too.
A few weeks later I was able to communicate with Bianca again. This time I connected with her spirit and found she had moved on to a different plane and was ready to fully communicate.
She let me know that she visited Joanna often and liked to snuggle on her shoulders. She showed me that she is with Joanna sometimes when she sleeps. I told Joanna that Bianca would sometimes roll a pencil or pen off the table when she is studying to let her know she was there. This gave Joanna much comfort to know that Bianca had risen to her astral plane tough she was still able to visit her on our plane.
There was much more in my communication with Bianca that helped Joanna in her grieving process. Joanna still misses her dearly but in the knowledge that Bianca is okay and does come to visit has helped.


One other animal that I tried to communicate with soon after its passing was a dog named Abby. She passed a week before Dana, her owner came to see me. When I reached out to Abby, I found her in the recovery plane. I was not able to fully connect with her. An older man kept coming through, he let me know that Abby was fine. So I explained this to Dana and described the older man to her.  The older man was Dana’s grandfather. The grandfather told me he was present during Abby’s passing and that Dana should have a burial for Abby as this will help lift her up from the recovery plane and into his astral plane where he could care for her.
Months passed before I was able to meet up with Dana and try to reach out to Abby. This time, Abby came in full and clear. She talked about her love for her Nana, Dana’s mother who watched her from time to time. She mentioned her coming to visit Dana and sometimes liked to go under her bed. Abby was happy and free of any pain. She was like a young dog frolicking with joy.

I am still learning every day I communicate with animals. I never know where they will take me or and what the will teach me.
This is my greatest joy to communicate and share what I have learned.  I am truly humble  and thankful every day for this blessing.
Here is a thank you letter from Joanna,
Dear Karen,
I am writing to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have given me-a chance to communicate with my beloved Bianca after she passed away. To lose animal that lived their life to the end of the lifespan is one thing, but to lose your soul mate at only 7 years old due to a terrible disease is another. As you know, Bianca had a kidney failure; we fought till the very end. Medication, subcutaneous fluids given to her by me every day under the skin to keep her the most comfortable and hydrated-we did it all. At the end I had no choice but to help her, she started to suffer too much and it was something I did not want for her. I had to put her down.
I was telling Bianca how much I loved her, and how hard this decision was for me. She wasn’t just a pet to me, she was very special. I had pets my whole life but I have never had such an unbelievable connection with any of them. Yes, I loved them dearly, of course! But with Bianca it was different. She was truly my soul-mate, my everything. Losing her was like losing a child to me. I was not sure if she knew how special she was to me. I had a feeling that she had to know, but wanted to be sure of it.
Right after she passed away, I contacted you because I couldn’t find a place for myself. I wanted Her to know how much she meant to me, I wanted to apologize for my decision, and I wanted Her to know that it was done all out of love, pure love. I could not have been selfish and keep Her alive for next couple of days and watch her suffer. I wanted her to know how much she meant to me, how much I loved her, and that I would never stop loving Her.
Then you told me that you had some trouble connecting with Bianca. You explained to me that she was in the “between” state. You explained to me what a beautiful place it was, which gave me some comfort but left disappointed knowing that what I really wanted to tell my beautiful girl was not told.
A few days later we tried again, this time with a success. The things that Bianca communicated to you were so true. It was the things that she used to do that no other cat did. The things that made her unique. The things that only Bianca and I knew. Right there I realized what a wonderful gift you have. To be able to communicate with animals, especially the passed way ones is a true gift. It helped me with my grieving process, it made me calmer knowing that Bianca was safe and not afraid of anything anymore.
It has been a year and a half  since she passed away and I miss Her as much as on the very first day, when she was gone. However, knowing that I was able to communicate with Her through you, and knowing that I still could if I needed to, gives me comfort.
Thank you again, for everything that you have done. I wish more people knew about you and your unbelievable gift. You helped me so much, and I know you could do the same for others.

Here is a thank you from Dana,
Dear Karen, I had a beagle named Abbey who we had to put down about 3 weeks prior.  I just wanted to thank you for that day.  You had told me several things...one being that Abbey was still in "transition" and it seemed as though you were communicating with my grandfather (whom I had never met, he passed away about 27 years ago).  You mentioned many things including that he had been in the room when my mother and I put Abbey down and that we should also have a ceremony of some sort to help her move on to the next "level" of her transition.  I took in everything you said, but what made it so unbelievable was when I went home that day and told my mom everything you had said.  I had found it odd that of all the people who have passed in my family, that he was the one there with us in the room that day, being that neither myself nor Abbey ever knew him.  When I told my mom what you said, she got very emotional and told me she knew why you had said that and understood the connection.  When he passed 27 years ago, when my mother said her last goodbye at the wake..she placed her hand on him and she said she felt him tell her to come to him whenever she needed him, and that he'd always be there for her.  Well, that day in the vet's office, she called out to him.  She said she needed him and asked him to be there...and after speaking with you, we found out he absolutely was.  Not only by her telling me that, did she validate everything you said, but by me telling her what you said, also validated for her that her prayers are working.  That day also happened to be my birthday and I had a family party right after.  Great company, great time with everyone, but I've told every single person since, that out of everything that day...my reading with you was by far the best birthday present I received.  My mom and I have since planted Day Lilies in Abbey's memory, and as you suggested, I plan to come back and see you soon, in hopes that she has moved on in her transition.  Thank you again SO much for helping me with this sometimes unbearable grieving process.  You have a true gift. Thank you, Dana

Friday, November 25, 2011

Letting Go for a Divine Plan

To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.
~ Mary Oliver
I was contacted via e-mail by Jan, a distraught cat owner in France. Her cat Cookie was spending almost all of her time at the neighbor’s house and Jan wanted to know why. Since Cookie and Jan were in France and I was in New York, we decided Skype would be the best way to have a session.
This was my first attempt at making a connection using Skype, so I was not sure what to expect. I found it was no different than any other animal communication and Cookie and I connected easily.

Cookie is an orange and white cat. At first glance, she appeared very ordinary, but once I connected with her I knew immediately she was very special.
Once we connected, Cookie took me around her world giving me a tour of her surroundings. I described to Jan every detail that Cookie showed me from inside the apartment to the courtyard and finally the neighbor’s door. Jan confirmed that was what their environment looked like.
Then Jan expressed how heartbroken she was at Cookie’s continued absences. Cookie was now spending all of her time at the neighbor’s coming home late at night only to eat. Jan wanted to know what she had done wrong.

Cookie told me to remind Jan of when she had been ill and how Cookie had been there for her. How she helped heal and comfort her.  Cookie said she was now doing the same for the neighbor. The neighbor was very sad and depressed, someone in the house was sick. I asked Jan about this and she confirmed that the neighbor’s husband was quite ill. Cookie let me know that was why she was spending so much time at the neighbor’s, to lend support to the woman who was feeling alone and going through a very rough time in her life. Cookie was there to help her heal, the same way she had helped Jan heal and many others before Jan. Cookie believed that was her purpose in life, to help others and believed that she had had the same purpose in many other lives. In fact, Cookie revealed that she had been around thousands of years ago, during the time the Egyptian pyramids were being built. In that time and place, Cookie was known by another name and was revered. She had lived many lives and always she had been a healer.

Jan, a spiritual person, understood her cat’s quest but still missed her terribly.
Cookie insisted she had to help the neighbor through her ordeal, but that she would return to Jan soon. Cookie said that she would visit with Jan from time to time, but that Jan’s family must not to try to trap her in the house. She needed Jan to let her go about her work. Jan confirmed her family did try to trap her in the house and Cookie became upset by this. Jan promised she would not let this happen again and would honor Cookie’s work and freedom. Jan agreed to leave her door open so Cookie can come in for food and head rubs.
Jan now understands that Cookie is only doing her job, but she can’t help but to feel a little hurt and rejected by her leaving.
Jan has since moved on in her own life and release Cookie to the universe. This was not an easy thing for Jan to do, but there are times in our life that people and animals come and go and we all need to move on and release them so they can continue their Divine Quest.
Cookie is only doing what she was placed on earth to do and will continue to do throughout this life and many more to come.
Cookie the spirit healing cat.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ant Meditation

Meditations on the Ant
An awareness of a perfectly engineered frame endowed with incredible strength makes me feel capable of anything.
Energy and power propel my legs at lightning speed over Mother Earth. I sense food nearby and stop to hone in on the source, I adjust my course and soon am there. I sample the food and finding it good, I send out the message to my sisters. Once they arrive, we all feed together. Now we must carry the rest of the food back to our burrow. The purpose of our task surges us with a surplus of strength and we each carry all that we possibly can. 
We trail one another back down our tunnel into the earthy life force of Mother Earth. In the inky darkness I rely on smells and touches to lead me to where I must deliver my gift of food; Food for our future, food for our children, food that our community will grow in number and in strength.  It is with honour that I perform this work.
Teachings from the Ant
Working with selflessness that others may thrive fills one with a sense of purpose, of duty and of place in a community. Go out and perform a good deed whenever the opportunity arises.

Ant Haiku
Super strength and speed
Labouring with the many
Harmony for all.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pigs on the Brain

My daughter Abigail had been obsessed with the thought of having a guinea pig for more than a year, but we were reluctant to add yet another animal to our already full household. Our current menagerie held a hamster, a cockatiel, a dog, a cat and several fish.   Then Abigail started writing books about guinea pigs. First she wrote “The Christmas Guinea Pig”; followed by, “What if You Give a Guinea Pig a Cookie”; and then, “The Ice Skating Guinea Pig”; “The Guinea Pig Goes to School” and 3 more titles as well.
My husband and I knew this latest obsession was not going away. I thought this would teach her responsibility. My husband thought, “Not another animal.” But in the long run we agreed to get her a guinea pig.
So we began researching guinea pigs and then went to several pet stores shopping for a suitable pig. I had no idea there were so many different breeds of guinea pig.
After much searching, Abby settled on a young female with brown and white fur.  She deliberated carefully over names before settling on ‘Rose’ when the guinea pig began nibbling on some plastic roses that were draped over the post of her bed.
Abby delighted in her new pet and they bonded quickly. They played on Abby’s bed and the kitchen floor. They would play chase and Rose would take carrots from Abby’s hand. She would brush and feed Rose every morning and again every evening.
Then despite the remarkable friendship Abby and Rose had begun; as new ventures sometimes do, this one too began to lose its sparkle to a certain 6 year old girl.  Not terribly, but I would have to ask her to take the guinea pig out: explain to her how unfair it was to be in a cage all day. Abby was still responsible for feeding Rose every morning; of course it was me placing the food in the bowl and leaving it on the kitchen table to remind her to do so.
Then one day the kids went to their Nana’s for a long weekend. I had the house and all its inhabitants to myself and that was when I discovered what a wonder we had in Rose.  I fell head over heels in love with a rodent, what an amazing rodent though.
The first time I took her out on Abby’s bed, she skipped and jumped with bliss to express her total delight in some playtime and attention.  My dog Maggie came in and Rose ran to the bedside to try to engage Maggie in play. Maggie would approach the side of the bed and Rose would run over first circling, then rubbing her nose against Maggie’s before dashing to the other side of the bed making happy piggy noises as she went. Maggie would meet her again at the opposite bedside and Rose would spin in a circle, make a few wheeking noises and then dash to back the other side.
Joy! This little rodent was playing and showing pure joy! I found myself laughing out loud at her silly antics. As the weekend went on, I found I was looking forward to our daily romps and smiling to myself just thinking about the little guinea pig.  When it was time for Rose to come out, I put her on the bed and sat down next to her. She climbed right up on my lap. I snuggled with her and she pressed herself into my stomach where she curled for a moment before nuzzling her head under my arm.  She was showing me love and affection, and so much from such a small creature. What could I do but return it?
I must admit it took me by surprise. Who would have thought this little animal could have such a hold on me. Who would have thought a guinea pig would have so much love to give and so much joy to share.  To give love and joy: how simple, how generous, how wonderful.
The weekend ended and Abby came home and told me that she had missed her little friend Rose. We took Rose out of her cage and I showed Abby the new things we had been working on while she was visiting her Nana. I told her that Rose would now come when you called her. Abby tried and was thrilled when Rose responded. I showed her how Rose appreciated a good snuggle and that Rose had even made a new friend in Maggie.
Abby and I now both look forward to our morning and evening romps with Rose; we even read bed time stories to her.  We are both deeply in love with Rose and I know she loves us.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meditation Run 2/24/2011

I enjoy running. It is a form of meditation and exercise for me. I am not a fast runner or a crazy distance runner. I am an average runner, 3 to 4 miles 3 times a week. I always bring my dog Maggie. As soon as I get my sneakers on there she is bouncing up and down trying to be the first one out of the door. 
These past couple of weeks I have been running around a lake and I find myself getting lost in my meditations. Once I run a little way, I start receiving messages and thoughts from my guides and it has been very rewarding. But on my last run I had something happen to me that I have never had happen before.
I had reached the 3 mile mark when I noticed a woman in a fur coat taking her mail out of the mail box. As I got closer to her, my head filled with a vision of frightened animals, the fear in their eyes as they beheld scattered body parts and rivers of their own blood, I was horrified. My eyes filled with tears and I felt vomit rise in the back of my throat. Maggie sensed my upset and her hackles stood up along her back and she began to bark fiercely at the fur coat clad woman. These visions were so gruesome, so heart wrenching, why had my guides shown me these, what was I supposed to do with them?  I know what goes on with the making of fur coats. I know how terrible it is. Why sicken me with these visions on my normally joyous run?
I re-collected myself and Maggie and we continued on our run and my answer quickly came to me. I have to let others know, to tell my story. To have them feel what it is that I felt from the animals' point of view. To tell them the fear and suffering the animals go through. How wrong it is. How we must change our way of thinking that animals have no feelings. To let people know they should give animals the respect and love they deserve. To leave well enough alone. Let the animals live the life they deserve. To grant them the freedom they deserve. They are our gifts from God. They are to bring us joy. If we go on killing these animals for pure sport or fashion or for their land we will not be able to enjoy them any more for they will be gone. Only to be told about in a story. To never have our children’s children enjoy the sight of a wild wolf, fox, Polar Bear, etc...

To learn more about anti fur check out this link.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

African Elephant Meditation

It is hot and dry. The air is heavy with dust stirred up by the passing of many enormous feet. The dust cloud expands around us announcing our presence on the plain.
My view is blocked in all directions by the mountainous sides of my sisters, aunts, cousins. I am traveling in the protected center with my calf. We keep a slow but steady pace. His short legs struggle to keep up across the miles. When he lags behind, a nudge from his aunt’s trunk catches him up.
We pick up the pace as the scent of food pulls us forward. Soon we arrive in a green break across the brown plain. We stop for a much needed rest and feed.
I rip up huge mouthfuls and feed myself and I encourage my calf to nurse as we will soon be moving again.
After too short a time, we start out onto the plain, the dust cloud enveloping us once again.
My calf is bouncy and playful, his rest and feed have given him bravery as well as energy. He runs up behind a young bull and tries to tug his tail. The young bull is offended and gives a swift but gentle kick to end the foolishness. Bereft of bravado and seeking comfort, my calf returns to my side reaching up to me with his trunk. I touch his side offering reassurance and we keep moving.
The most tantalizing scent crosses our path and we turn as one to follow it. Soon we arrive at a watering hole. We take turns drinking, spraying, then sliding down delightful muddy banks to sit and bathe in the wonderful cool water.
I drink my fill and playfully douse my calf to his utter delight.
Too soon we must be on the move again.
Before long the setting sun signals us to stop for the night. The herd forms a circle around us and now my obstructed view is a comfort. My calf and I can rest without fear so surrounded by our relatives.
I pull my calf close to me using my trunk to carefully check for any injury or harm. Finding none I caress him contentedly slipping off to sleep. Rest my child as tomorrow brings more travel and more teachings.

Teachings from the African Elephant

It truly takes a herd to raise a child. Our duty as parents is to protect, teach and love our children. We must bear the burden of responsibility bravely, without complaint.

African Elephant Haiku

Acres of loose skin
Huge ears long prehensile nose
Sentient as us